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Crimson Trail Crimson Trail is primarily intended to be used as a kill plot. However, it can also be used as an attractive and nutritious destination plot. It has plants that require minimal seed bed preparation. Namely no tillage. It also has plants that sprout easily to give you the fastest possible food plot and there are plants in it that are able to withstand relatively acid soil. This allows any lime you may have applied a chance to adjust the soil PH so that your plants can really begin to thrive and become even more palatable. There are very High sugar grasses, brassica's and more in this mix. While there are some annuals in the mix it is primarily an perrenial that should last at least 4+ years. It was named Crimson Trail because that is exactly what it was intended it to produce. A "Crimson Trail" of blood for you to follow to your deer. 

1/8 acre 3.64 lbs $22.99  Plus Shipping 

1/4 acre 7.28 lbs 
$34.99  Plus Shipping 

1/2 acre 14.55 lbs 
 Plus Shipping 

1  acre 29.1 lbs    $139.99  Plus Shipping

2  acres 58.2 lbs  $267.99  Plus Shipping  

Ravishing Radish's The fast growing radish's in this blend produce huge amounts of highly nutritious, high protein, palatable feed for your deer. Not only do the tops have over 40% protein, but even the root has over 20% protein!!! Where else are you going to find those kind of numbers? Not only that, but this mix will pull up large amounts of calcium and phosphorus for your deer as well as other important nutrients. Not to mention other vital nutrients for following crops/plots such as sulfur and boron (important for legumes like clover). This mix is easy to grow, highly nutritious, only takes 45-60 days to produce large quantities of forage, breaks up hard pan and aerates the soil for future planting's. There are just so many positives with this mix that you really should try it now. Ravishing Radish's is an annual. 

1/4 acre  $17.99  Plus Shipping 

1/2 acre  $34.99  Plus Shipping 

1  acre    $67.99  Plus Shipping 

2  acres   $129.99  Plus Shipping 

3  acres   $177.99  Plus Shipping 

5  acres   $249.99  Plus Shipping 

Brassica Buffet

Is a premium mix of brassica's including hybrids that are not only a late season draw like is usually expected from brassicas, but it also includes Radishes which deer will quite often eat during the early season, resulting in an all season food plot. Brassicas are easy to grow and with good soil fertility (follow your soil test results!) you can have plants in this mix with over 40% protein! It's high in energy too! Brassica Buffet is an annual.

1/4 acre  $16.99  Plus Shipping 

1/2 acre 
  Plus Shipping

1  acre    $47.99  Plus Shipping 

2  acres   $89.99  Plus Shipping  

5  acres   $189.99  Plus Shipping  

Pure Clover
is an excellent mix of clovers that all have specific purposes and it is for those that simply want a stand of pure clover. This mix produces up to 31% protein and typically lasts 4+ years. 

1/4 acre 3.68 lbs $24.99  Plus Shipping

1/2 acre 7.35 lbs
 Plus Shipping

1  acre 14.7 lbs   $79.99  Plus Shipping

2  acres 29.4 lbs $149.99  Plus Shipping

4  acres 58.8 lbs $289.99  Plus Shipping

Awesome Antlers is an extremely attractive and nutritious Perennial mix. More so than any other Perennial mix we have seen on the market. It should last at least 3-5 years. It has various varieties of small burnett, chicory and clover's as well as multiple brassica's (including radishes) and more.
 It is high in minerals, has up to 43% protein and provides good energy for superior milk production, weight and antler gains. Awesome Antlers is primarily a perennial.

1/4 acre  $24.99  Plus Shipping 
1/2 acre  $39.99  Plus Shipping 

1  acre    $77.99  Plus Shipping 

2  acres  $149.99  Plus Shipping 

5  acres  $359.99  Plus Shipping  

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